Vieques is determined and destined to maintain their Carribean beauty with environmentally responsible committments.  Keep Vieques Beautiful!/Manten a Vieques Bello! has joined forces with this effort!  KVB! was launched in June 2011 in Vieques, PR as campaign intended to gain recognition and reward ALL Viequenses clean-up efforts, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!  As I met with local government, businesses, groups of school children and other special interest organizations and groups…the concept of KVB! grew to a community organization dedicated to improving the island’s solid waste management issues…particularly with regard to litter prevention and recycling.

KVB! has made great strides towards assisting Vieques with improvements to litter prevention and recycling programs on the island.  KVB! is dedicated to providing readily available resources, here in North America, to Vieques.  We are achieving this in many different ways:  group collaboration and networking for other liaisons, volunteers to assist with paperwork and pavement pounding and direct community involvement with ongoing litter prevention and clean-up efforts.

Check out our Timeline to see what’s what when….

and JOIN this effort!  Any input you provide will be greatly appreciated and I promise I will make it go a LONG way!

Contact Serena Broska keepviequesbeautiful@gmail.com or 704-785-5310 to get involved or just hear more about this campaign!


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