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Here Comes 200 Bins….VIEQUES!

Stacked Bins Representing Approximately 100 Bins

Vieques will soon (3-4 weeks) receive their recycling bins!  All bins were picked-up in Concord, NC on 2/6/2012 by a moving company, who is now transporting them to Bayamon, Puerto Rico via Orlando, Florida.

HAPPY 2012! It is going to be a GREAT NEW YEAR!

KVB! update on delivery of 200 recycle bins to Vieques:  All bins are stacked, wrapped and ready to ship!  The shipper departs Orlando, FL en route to Concord, NC January 18th.  Expected pick-up of bins is scheduled January 21st.  The remainder of the trip is expected to take 2-4 weeks…for final delivery in Port of San Juan.  This will be perfect timing for the arrival and implementation of a new collection vehicle and recycling incentive plans for more recyclers in Vieques!

Awesome Marine Debris Tracking App! Check it out!

Got to check out the aerial mapped trash or map trash in your area!  Jenna Jambeck, a colleague from my Alma Matter….with very impressive research.  I’m sure UGA Engineering is happy to have her! 

Marine Debris Tracker App Icon

The easy-to-use Marine Debris Tracker app can be downloaded free for use on iPhones and Android phones (through Android Market). The simple tool allows users to report the type of debris and its location through GPS features pre-installed on a cell phone. The data reported are posted at for viewing and downloading. The app also encourages users to recycle or properly dispose of the trash they find.

Jenna Jambeck, assistant professor for the Faculty of Engineering at UGA and one of the app’s developers, says the app is one way the initiative is trying to reach people and raise awareness of marine debris.