Campaign Members

Serena A. Broska

Campaign Coordinator

We’ve been exploring Puerto Rican Caribbean beauty for about 11 years. My husband and I have educational backgrounds in Geology and Engineering which we have both applied primarily to Solid Waste Management.   We have met AMAZING people who remain dedicated to this trashy kind of work through and through!  We know of an abundance of resources that may be easily applied in Vieques .  We have met many, many people who have the same interest….. to Keep Vieques Beautiful! So, this is definitely a collaborative effort!
The KVB! Campaign launch was intended to RECOGNIZE and REWARD all Viequense clean-up efforts in the past, present and future!  In June/July 2011 I travelled to Puerto Rico with my 3 greatest campaign members (Jen, Honor & Hope) to launch this Campaign.   We met with residents, city officials, local businesses and children’s summer camp groups to share and present many resources readily available to enhance island recycling.  Please help KVB! acquire and utilize these resources by collaborating effort!  There is mass in numbers!

We are going to collaborate all those interested and carry on with efforts to enhance the island’s recycling!  Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together -Vesta M Kelly.

Check out this video to see what I mean!

Washington DC 2010 Blizzard in 30 seconds

Edward C. Hood

Principal Finance Coordinator

Jennifer Kobylus

Assistant Campaign Coordinator

Jen….your time and resources are priceless – THANK YOU!

Sarah Zibanejadrad

Social Media Coordinator

Thank You Sarah – such a GREAT JOB!….and she’s doin’ it all for the cause!

Honor & Hope

Campaign Members

Just two good reasons for this Campaign! 

What are yours?


3 responses to “Campaign Members

  1. Go Reach for the Stars !!! What a Great Campaign you ALL are Doing !! Keep up all the Good Hard work u all are making a Difference for Sure !!

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